… passion and professionalism for over 20 years

The passion and the idea of quality of the brothers Elio and Dino Orlando were the reasons that in 1999 led to the birth of Matilda Ricami. Today the company is a point of reference in the specific sector for highly qualified services, professionalism and constant research on new types of processing, the result of numerous collaborations with the major brands on the international scene.


Research and Design

Analysis, comparison and speed of execution. These are the cornerstones of the “Creative Laboratory” which takes advantage of the experience developed over the years. A long path of artistic skills for the creation of drawings and prototype development. The “Matilda Ricami” creations are intended for clothing, leather goods, footwear, furnishing accessories, accessories. An archive as a wealth of exclusive collections with constantly developing proposals where different materials are combined and reinvented.


Embroidery – Applications – Special Processing

Equipped with an entirely vertical production cycle (prototype analysis and optimization, industrialization and production), the production structure of Matilda Ricami is highly versatile. Knowledge, attention to quality and technological innovation are the values of the excellent service offered to customers to transform any creative input into high-level products. An important feature of our production is the hand finishing of embroidered products with high production machines.

Project co-financed by the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
Action 3.1.1 sub Action a3)
“Aid aimed at containing and combating the epidemiological emergency COVID 19”

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